Coal fired power plant in the Netherlands

The Client

A coal fired power plant in the Netherlands

The Problem

The equipment relating to the ESP had been provided (by Castlet) and installed in the mid 1990’s. The client had limited budget to upgrade or replace equipment, and needed the assurance the existing equipment could continue in service in the coming years. Castlet carried out a site evaluation study to ascertain what could be carried out and achieved to assist the client. 

The Solution

Castlet were awarded the contract for the service and optimisation of 20 MCS II control cubicles and transformer rectifier units at a coal fired power plant in the Netherlands.
Each transformer rectifier unit and control cubicle had detailed mechanical inspections including;
- checks to paintwork,
- checks for signs of overheating,
- checks for torque settings on power components and general component condition

Each transformer rectifier unit and control cubicle then had detailed electrical inspections including;
- full Megger testing of high voltage dividers, high voltage rectifiers, high voltage windings and low voltage windings
- calibration of kV and mA signals, compensating for any HV divider tolerances.

The unit was then returned to service with an on-load optimisation of each field to ensure that maximum efficiency was achieved.

In addition to this each transformer rectifier unit had an oil sample taken and detailed analysis performed, with the results from this we can then advise on any specific actions for the next outage.


Castlet successfully concluded the equipment was in good condition to remain in service for the foreseeable future. 

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