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21st Jun 2013

Castlet completed the acquisition of the business and assets of Amberjac Projects Limited in May 2013. The Grantham factory has been closed and assets and necessary staff have moved to Crofton Drive, Lincoln. The Amberjac products will now be traded through Castlet Ltd.

Amberjac was formed in 2003 and quickly developed a niche market for high voltage lithium ion battery packs. Manufacture specialised in flexible custom battery solutions for transport applications such as cars, buses and vans. This business acquired by Castlet has some large blue chip clients and an enviable reputation given its size within the market place. The business has substantial intellectual property including two current patents.

Castlet are delighted with this acquisition which included ongoing business as well as a number of quotations which could lead to substantial further growth. The business is a good fit for Castlet so integration of the product and transferred staff to our Crofton Drive, Lincoln facilities has been effortless.