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UK Coal Fired Power plant LV MCC retrofits

19th Mar 2012

A major UK power plant had been having problems with large motors as the MCC protection equipment, although regularly maintained, was not providing sufficient protection due to its age (40 years installed). Castlet together with support from the Siemens EFIE team (Castlet are a Siemens Solutions Partner), analysed the requirements and developed a scheme to refurbish and modernise the MCCs. By refurbishing rather than replacing, there was no major installation works or replacements of cabling. The ‘prototype’  starter compartment components, and door with its components, was removed and replaced with a designed and factory assembled gear tray and component chassis. This installation has been successful, and the aim is to assist the plant with retrofitting high risk or problematic starter circuits, in a pre-budgeted roll out program over the next few years.