Multi-'package technology' power and control

Applications such as waste to energy plants require multi-package technologies, from combustion boilers, through air pollution control, materials handling and balance of plant. Many of these have a top down plant wide master control system, coupled to package plant local control, with continuous emissions monitoring. All of which Castlet can integrate for a plant wide common platform solution

LV Power Distribution

For turnkey projects, MV:LV power distribution transformers (usually Cast Resin), tother with their enclosures, ACB protection to the LV MCC/Auxiliary equipment, automatic bus ties for redundant ACB combinations form part of a turnkey solution

Containerised Switchrooms

Where existing switchroom space is limited, or budget limitations for civils for new switchrooms, Containerisation of Electrical equipment is provided. Usually to international ‘container’ dimensions, these are provided in lengths of 20’, 30’ and 40’ depending on the content. Also provided for high temperature environments, (with sunshades and air conditioning) as well as hazardous areas such as Refineries, where ATEX standards are achieved via Purge/Pressurisation