E & C retrofits on a UK Coal fired power plant

The Client

E & C retrofits on a UK Coal fired power plant

The Problem

One of the largest UK power stations recognised that the Precipitator control panels and associated feeder panels plus rapping panels were of such an age that it was no longer possible to continue to maintain the equipment due to obsolescence. The power station approached Castlet to design, build and install the complete package

The Solution

Castlet analysed the requirement to come up with a bespoke solution. The upgrade equipment included a dual redundant 1200A incoming switchboard connected to a fixed pattern MCC. The MCC houses the feeders for 12 precipitator HT cubicles, the supply to three rapping MCC’s as well as associated small power feeders. The form rating for the total supply included Form 1, 3b and 4b

The HV Cubicles – custom built to the same original footprint, (avoiding replacing of the original imperial Aluminium power conductors) - together with the new controller MCSIII + Colour-touch HMI, was manufactured with an increased current capability above the original design to allow the option of installing larger TR units in the future. The panels were fitted with Castlet latest generation controller the MCSIII along with the new colour touch HMI.

The dual redundant 1200A incomer switchboards were supplied with a manual interlocked bus coupler. The original equipment had a considerable distance between the two sets of incoming cables and we had to design the switchboard layout to match with these dimensions. This meant a non standard type of layout, but it ensured that the feeder cables were of suitable length to be terminated without requiring to be extended.

The three rapper panel MCC units were considerably smaller than the existing equipment. However as they were moved closer to the incomer switchboard, all that was required was to shorten the feeder cables.

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