European Electrostatic Precipitator Manufacturer

The Client

A leading German Electrostatic Precipitator Manufacturer

The Problem

The German company had insufficient resources available, adequately to review the end-customer’s specifications for the ESP power supplies and control systems, in a tender for a major Independent Power Plant (IPP) in Asia.

The Solution

Castlet, as the leading supplier of these systems, was asked to assist. Under no obligation, Castlet’s engineers reviewed all final customer specifications, and recommended some novel and forward-thinking solutions to achieve the overall project requirements. These solutions included the development of distributed I/O devices which coupled directly into the main product network protocol, thereby avoiding the use of third party PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers).

The result was a totally compliant system offer, significantly more cost-effective than other conventional systems.

Castlet provided further support, by contributing to combined technical presentations to the end-customer, and representing the ‘specialist arm’ of the German client.

As a result, and in the face of fierce competition, the client won the contract for the overall project. Recognising the company’s committed support and partnership approach throughout the negotiations, the client then placed the turnkey power supply and electrical package contract with Castlet.

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