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European Military

The Client

A Comprehensive Battery Testing System Application for a prime defence contractor in support of the European military.

The Problem

The client wanted to have a complete and comprehensive battery testing system for the new in-service platform. This ultimately would combine several separate equipments into one test system unique to the customers exact requirements. The equipments would be used by the British and Spanish Forces.

The Solution

Castlet developed a stand alone system which incorporated a battery charger, battery capacity tester, a thermal test unit and a ‘bed of nails’ to monitor each individual battery cell voltage, whilst an integral printer provided hardcopy results for each regime output. All interconnecting cables and tools were also provided within a bespoke transportation box.

The customer contracted Castlet to produce a development unit and bench trials. This was successful, and it led to Castlet being contracted to manufacture several units for service requirements.

The customer now has a safe and reliable means of testing all their batteries.

This equipment was designed in such a way that the application met the exact requirements of the customer but was transferable to other products and applications

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