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You will already be aware that we’re the leading independent lime supplier in the UK, and we put much of this success down to support from our clients and our strong relations with them. To keep these relations strong, we like to make sure you know everything you need to know about staying in touch with us, from polices to your rights.

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By providing us with your personal data you can rest assured knowing it will be safe. We will never misuse or sell your data and we will always keep it secure. Please take a moment to fill in the form below so that we only ever contact you in the forms you wish to be contacted.

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You have the right to ask us to remove your personal data at any time. Once we receive your request, we'll permanently delete all the information we hold about you as soon as possible, and always within one month. There are some exceptions to this which you can read in our privacy policy. If you wish to submit a removal request, please click here.

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Read our privacy policy in full to find out exactly how and when we collect your data and how we use and manage it. You can find the full policy here

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We use cookies on our website to ultimately improve the efficiency of the site. Cookies collect information on how people use the site and where improvements are needed. Read our cookie policy in full to find out what cookies we use, the sort of information they gather and how we use that information.

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