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Aerospace Services

Our team of electronic engineers specialise in high tech electronic equipment, from one off R&D projects, prototype equipment, to low volume, production. We utilise the latest 3D Modelling packages to ensure are designs are compliant at an early stage in the design cycle. Castlet has extensive experience in Post Design Services, Nato Codification, Key Spares Sourcing and Obsolescence Management.


Research and Development

Castlet's Research and Development team have many years experience in providing a comprehensive service tailored around the clients often unique requirements. Whether its a military, industrial or commercial application, Castlet understand the necessary quality and reliability requirements to meet the clients needs. Castlet utilise the latest techniques in delivering a comprehensive solution, from 3D Modelling, to the latest digital technology offerings.

Post Design Services

Castlet have many years experience in providing providing product life cycle support for all of our proprietary military in service equipments. Be it, from Nato Codification, Obsolescense Managements to routine calibration and repair.

Re-engineering of Products and Processes

Over the years Castlet have re-engineered many electronic and electro-mechanical products, where the original manufacturer no longer exists or simply doesn't want to support a particular product any longer. OEMs include Siemens and Rolls-Royce among others. This work can be completed from original drawings or if no drawings exist a original equipment can be copied and re-drawn to the latest standards.

Calibration Services

Castlet offer a full product calibration service for all current and many legacy equipments. Calibration certificates can be provided on request. Periodicity can vary from one to two years dependant on application.