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All products manufactured and installed are supported by a variety of services, from initial commissioning, to preventative maintenance. For such applications as Electrostatic Precipitators, where we manufacture the power supplies and controls, we utilise our expertise in precipitation to offer enhanced services to analyse and inspect the Precipitator itself, finding solutions to optimise performance. 

Site surveys

Using multi- skilled engineers, Castlet can provide fully documented mechanical and electrical inspections both of our own supplied equipment and equipment supplied by other manufacturers, which can include legacy equipment which may benefit the customer by being upgraded or replaced. The ultimate aim of such surveys is to identify failing or inefficient power and control equipment, which if replaced or modernised would increase operating efficiency of the plant.

Testing and Commissioning

Castlet employs highly skilled testing and commissioning technicians and engineers. Staff are fully qualified and hold the appropriate the CCNSG Saftey passports for working on UK industrial and power plants. For our export projects we work to the standards required at that plant, often with our local agents, for commissioning and optimising our equipment and interfacing with 3rd party products. Castlets in house testing team fully test all equipment produced for delivery, utilising fully calibrated test, simulation and load banks.


Many customers refer to Castlet for maintenance, especially preventative. Such activities help prolong the lifetime of the product, reduce failures and ensure down time during operational requirements are minimised. Such activities include TR unit oil sampling and analysis, inspection and maintenence of TR Unit corrosion, oil leaks and and power and control equipment

Electrostatic Precipitator performance surveys

Using in depth knowledge of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESPs), Castlet can isurvey the ESPs to indentify and recommend ways to improve collection efficieny and performance. Such analysis includes the rapping system coordination, gas flow analysis and gas misdistribution. We can use multiple trend data to assist. Our service extends to inspections of ESP internals and externals, discharge electrode profiles and calculation of fly ash resistivity. All work done concludes with a detailed report with recommendations.