Electrochlorination Power and Control

Electrochlorination packages are used to treat different types of processes these include: Anti-biofouling used to prevent sliming, mussel/barnacle growth, disinfection for drinking water and chemical treatment for a bleaching processes used for the removal of iron or manganese. Electrochlorination is an electrolysis process where natural seawater, is converted into sodium hypochlorite solution. These processes require high current DC power supplies. Castlet manufactures a complete range of products to power and control such systems

High Power Systems

Castlet Limited design, manufacture, install and commission a wide range of bespoke DC power supplies and sophisticated controls for various industrial applications, including Electro-chlorination, Electroplating, Hydrogen Generation and Cathodic Protection. “On Shore” or “Off Shore” (ATEX) applications, the equipment being manufactured to exacting customer standards and specifications, with outputs typically up to 450V, 11,000A DC with mains input up to 11kV.

PLC + HMI Process Control Panels

As system integrators, Castlet provide complete auxiliary system automation for plant such as Fabric Filters, ESP Auxiliary equipment, Materials Handling and FGD. This extends to plant wide automation, for a common network and software platforms, providing essential commonality for the plant operators.

PC SCADA system

To manage, control and display plant critical data, SCADA systems achieve this by interfacing with PLC Systems, and remote I/O. SCADA can be single or redundant systems, and can also include interfacing with client DCS.

LV Motor Control Centres

LV motor Control centres are provided in accodance with BSEN 60439-1:1999. Castlet provide both fixed pattern and withdrawable, Form 3 and Form 4 per specification requirements, tailor made to suit consumer lists and where possible, space limitations. Provision can be made for the customers preference of 'branded' components.