Electrostatic Precipitator Power and Control

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) are used to collect solid particulate matter from the exhaust gases emitted by industrial processes such as coal-fired power generation, steel and cement manufacturing, and waste incineration. They are also used in a similar manner in chemical and wet processes. Castlet has a complete range of products to power and control this system.

LV Power Distribution

For turnkey projects, MV:LV power distribution transformers (usually Cast Resin), tother with their enclosures, ACB protection to the LV MCC/Auxiliary equipment, automatic bus ties for redundant ACB combinations form part of a turnkey solution

Containerised Switchrooms

Where existing switchroom space is limited, or budget limitations for civils for new switchrooms, Containerisation of Electrical equipment is provided. Usually to international ‘container’ dimensions, these are provided in lengths of 20’, 30’ and 40’ depending on the content. Also provided for high temperature environments, (with sunshades and air conditioning) as well as hazardous areas such as Refineries, where ATEX standards are achieved via Purge/Pressurisation

ESP Controller Retrofits

Retrofit of outdated controllers, whether previous Castlet equipment or other manufacturers, or replacing controllers with minimum functionality to improve ESP emissions and/or energy consumption.This is an efficient method as the main power circuit and original panel installation is maintained. Skilled technicians replace the controller and associated wiring and commission / optimise the controllers to suit operating conditions.

Auxiliary MCC retrofits

Maintaining the original MCC board construction, busbar system and field connections, retrofitting outdated and obsolescent starter circuits with modern fast switching protection devices, provides additional protection to the consumer circuits, (motors, heaters, conveyers as examples) reducing motor failures, and significantly reduces maintenance of the MCC