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Motion Control

Multiple applications for motion equipment, including, for example, Ultrasonic NDT equipment includes the detection of casting irregularities of titanium disks used in turbines for Aero engines. In addition Castlet provide a range of VSD drives for demanding applications, especially outdated equipment for difficult applications such as coal feeders on power plants, and for starter motors for gas power engines. 

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Ultrasonic NDT

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) uses high frequency sound energy for flaw detection/evaluation. A typical UT inspection system consists of several functional units, such as the transmitter /receiver, display device and motion control package. The motion control package is used to keep the transmitter / sensor head at an exact distance to the test piece and to also keep a uniform speed of movement over the surface of the test piece. The equipment is used for detection of irregularities of titanium discs used in turbines for Aero Engines.

Variable Speed Drive applications

Many plants worldwide, with critical operational equipment, still operate with dated and obsolete technology. Castlet provide solutions to replace such equipment with efficient, versatile VSDs for such applications as moving equipment on power plants (coal feeders for example), and for starter motors on gas engines in power generation facilities.

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