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Process Analytics

As a Siemens Solutions partner, Castlet provide a range of process analytical and monitoring solutions for a diverse range of applications including emissions monitoring in waste incinerators and power plants, gas analysis in the chemical industry, rotary kiln monitoring in cement plants and BioGas monitoring in anaerobic/sludge digestion plant.


Oxymat 6

SIRA MC 040032/00

The OXYMAT 6 process gas analyzer is based on the paramagnetic alternating pressure method and is used to measure oxygen in gases. The unique measuring principle is available both in the superior OXYMAT 6, and as a low cost version for less stringent applications, in the OXYMAT 61.

Sitrans CV

The Natural Gas Analyzer SITRANS CV has been specially developed for fast, exact and reliable determination of calorific values of natural gas and disposes of the respective certifications for this application. The consistent use of the micromechanical technology results in a very compact design and allows to install SITRANS CV very close to the particular sampling point, e.g. on the pipeline.

Sitrans SL

SIL 1 rated

SITRANS SL is a compact transmitter-like designed oxygen analyzer for fast in-situ measurements of oxygen concentration in process gases. The analyzer is mounted directly on the process and consists of a transmitter and receiver unit which are contained in two identically designed housings

Process Instrumentation

Castlet as a Siemens Solutions partner offers a comprehensive range of Siemens process instruments for pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement. Pneumatic valve positioners, process controllers, process recorders and process protection devices complete the package. Whether you need a single instrument or a complete instrumentation package, Castlet is your professional supplier for any project.