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UK Coal fired Power Plant ESP E&C replacements

Castlet aiming to further upgrade facilities

UK Coal Fired Power plant LV MCC retrofits

Single licensee/agent for Brazil - Klaus Essen

Electrochlorination Package High Current Power Supply

Castlet wins new contract for MoD to supply new equipments

Coal Fired power plant Korea

Castlet to produce new electronic vacuum system

Coal fired power plant in Greece

Castlet delivers new Digital Battery Capacity Tester

Belgium Biomass Conversion

Electrochlorination packages Zone 1 Classification

Diesel Engine Power plant

Coal – Biomass Co-Firing

Support Equipment for Norwegian Navy delivered on time in full

Saudi Arabia Refinery Catalytic Cracker

Castlet does it again! UKTI East Midlands IBA’s

City Firm Set to Benefit from £370M MoD Deal

Castlet (India) pvt Ltd – Pune India

6 x 500MW Coal fired power plant Kazakhstan

Electrochrorination – On shore high current power supplies

Castlet Limited - East Midlands International Business of the Year 2008.

Dong Yang Mundra India

1st Major Ash Handling Control System – Petacalco Mexico

Major Upgrade to Larger New Clean Room Production Facility

Battery Charger Analyser for Eurofighter Typhoon

Shuaibah IWPP Saudi Arabia

Remote network Laziska

NBC Ventilator Respirators for Eurofighter Typhoon

Major Upgrade to Clean Room Facility Planned

NBC Ventilator Respirators for Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Lightning II

1st shipment of NBC Ventilator Respirators

New Clean Room Production Facility